Who We Are

Efford Educational Consult is an educational consultancy firm.

An education consultant is someone who provide educational consultancy service in school, colleges, professional bodies, local authorities, government departments or other public and private bodies, organizations or individuals concerned with education. Running a school of finding the right school for your ward is more difficult than it looks at first glance and we step in to support you to achieve your dream. We have over twenty years joint experience working in the eduction sectors both in Ghana and United Kingdom. As consultants, we enjoy working with schools, young people and thier parent and get satisfaction helping you reach your goal. This year alone, we have worked with several schools, individual and organizations just like yours to improve and attain its goals. It is your turn.

Our Mission

Efford Educational Consult is an educational consultancy firm.

  • To provide good quality information and advice to help organizations and individuals to make sound and informed academic decisions
  • To champion high standards in educational institutions using best practice worldwide
  • To provide excellent representation to educational bodies abroad locally
  • To create a work environment, which motivates, recognize and rewards achievements at all levels invest in people.

Our Vision

Efford Educational Consult is an educational consultancy firm.

Our vision is to become the leading private educational consultancy firm Ghana and west Africa. We aim to leverage our local expertise and educational know-how to become reputable for quality service to organizations and individuals. We aim to expand our service offerings in the educational sphere and offer advisory to governments and international organizations. Our ultimate aim is an educated society with the relevant and requisite skills contributing to the growth of Africa.

What We Do

Efford Educational Consult is an educational consultancy firm.

  • International Representation
  • We collaborate with and represent the interest of several educational bodies in Ghana.
  • Curriculum Development and Standardization
  • We work with schools to develop or fuse curricular to suit the school.
  • Training Workshops and Professional Development
  • We undertake tailor-made in service training for your staff. Ask about our packages. Topics include Classroom Control, Student centered Learning, The Montessori Method, Report Writing, Lesson planning, Assessment etc. All training comes with certification.
  • Sourcing Funding
  • If you are looking for funds to build or improve your school, we guide you all the way through choices of financial institutions, applications, financial viability reports and pay back plans. We can also link you to investors and facilitate discussions
  • SUniversity Placement
  • We help University applications and placement abroad and provide you with the information to ensure hassle free transition from Ghana to a foreign University. We signpost relevant scholarships and coach you on the processes.
  • Revamping institutions
  • We help revive ailing schools by working closely with owners, the board and PTA to put measures to restore and further improve.
  • Recruitment
  • Working with our in-house HR Consultant, we undertake recruitment of suitable personnel for schools.
  • Substitute Staff and Home Tuition
  • We also provide substitute and short term staff for your institutions and homes.

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